Friday, September 30, 2005

Awesome Awesome - Out of the World Music

Guys, Thanks to Keerthi, I have got one of the most amazing musical experience I have ever had!

Check this out - Out of the world experience! I am in ecstasy!Awesome - Awesome! This is what I call sheer BLISS! Check the interlude that comes from 3:15!! You will know why I am in an ecstastic state!

I fall humbly at the feet of the person who has created this amazing master piece! The symphony reminds me of the great Yanni - but not sure.

What is there in Lust - When you have such great Music?

[Ok the latest I hear - this master piece was done by Vidyasagar! It was a symphony attempt by him - and what can I say about this! Awesome Vidya! No words to praise you - the best attempt I have ever heard! Awesome..

Also its a shame that these type of efforts go un-noticed!]

[Found it finally - Its from the mallu film Devadhoodhan starring Mohanlal :)]

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

My comments

These are my comments for the blog entitled "Brahman and Maya - my doubts".

Kasthuri: Thanks for your great comment. I advice all readers to read Kasthuri's comment. It was an eye opener. From your comment I conclude - that this world is real from the relativistic point of view and once the sense of "EGO" goes, the world becomes an illusion, since there is only Brahman or GOD! Beautiful explanation.

Regarding your comment in Question 2, again a beautiful explanation. The term "manifestation" is very important as you said. I shall correct the error I made, when I said "creation" rather it should be termed as "manifestation". This term of "manifestation" reminds me of the Bhagwad Gita verse I read recently:

Gita, Chapter 2, Verse 28:

avyaktadini bhutani
vyakta-madhyani bharata
avyakta-nidhanany eva
tatra ka paridevana

Translation: All created beings are unmanifest in their beginning, manifest in their interim state, and unmanifest again when annihilated. So what need is there for lamentation?

Beautiful explanations Kasthuri and I salute your Jnana! Thanks a lot for removing my ignorance.
Jacky - Ok, I guess I have an answer to your question, but I guess Kasthuri can clarify this.
In the beginning GOD created the universe and the micro-organisms. These micro-organisms then evolved into plants, animals and then humans. Ok now if you see - when the humans evolved from being animals, they have the animal tendencies. These animal tendencies from their previous birth are the cause of their barbaric life. Then these barbarians after many births due to their experiences gradually reduced their barbaric qualities to become proper human beings! But unfortunately still there are many of us with animal qualities and we need millions of birth to come out of it! So this is my explanation to your question and lets see what Kasthuri is trying to say.

Agni - thanks for your thoughts. I guess Tagore's thoughts are similar to what Kasthuri has pointed.

Anand,Adi, Aatma,TJ, Jeevan,Viji - Thanks for your comments :).

Sriram - What do u mean by Purusha? Is Purusha not the Self? Please clear this doubt.

Phoneix - those were useful thoughts - thanks a lot :)

Once again I would like to thank you all for spending your valuable time in clarifying my doubts :).

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

[Note:I would like to put up my comments for my previous post as a separate blog so that we can have our discussions as blogs for readers to read. My next post would be that. ]

Swami Vivekananda's Awesome Experience of Brahman !

Article from - An awesome site - the best spiritual site I have come across.

Sri Ramakrishna wanted to initiate his new pupil, Narendra, into Advaitha Vedanta (the teaching that all this is only the One) and so gave him several Advaitha treatises to read. But the earlier religious background of Narendra would not allow him to accept such teachings. He would rebel saying "It is blasphemy, there is no difference from such philosophy and Atheism. There is no greater sin in the world than to think of oneself as identical with the Creator. I am God, you are God, these created things are God - what can be more absurd than this. The sages who wrote such things must have been insane." Sri Ramakrishna was amused at his pupil's bluntness but told him to go on praying to the God of truth and to believe in whatever aspect of Him that was revealed to him. Narendra however, considered the teachings false and continued to resist and ridicule them. But Sri Ramakrishna knew that Narendra was on the path of Jnana (the higher knowledge) and therefore continued to espouse the Advaithic point of view to him. One day he tried to convince Narendra that he was identical with Brahmam. Narendra left the room and began to discuss the situation with his friend Hazra. He said: "How can that be? This jug is God, this cup is God, whatever we see is God, and we, too are God! Nothing can be more preposterous!" Hazra joined in this criticism and both laughed. Sri Ramakrishna was in his room in a state partly in the Samadhi consciousness and partly in this world. Hearing Narendra's laughter he came out to talk to them. "Hello! What are you talking about?" he said smiling and touched Narendra, who immediately plunged into full Samadhi. Narendra described the effect of the touch:

"That magic touch of the Master immediately brought a change over my mind. I was stupefied to find that really there was nothing in the universe but God! I saw it quite clearly but kept silent, to see if the idea would last. But that influence did not abate in the course of the day. I returned home, but there, too, everything I saw appeared to be Brahmam. I sat down to take my meal, but found that everything - the food, the plate, the person who served, and even myself - was nothing but That. I ate a morsel or two and sat still. I was startled by my mother's words, 'Why do you sit still? Finish your meal.', and began to eat again. But all the while whether eating or lying down or going to college, I had the same experience and felt myself always in a sort of comatose state. While walking in the streets, I noticed cabs plying, but I did not feel inclined to move out of the way, for I felt that the cabs and myself were of one stuff. There was no sensation in my limbs, which I thought were becoming paralyzed. I had no satisfaction from eating and felt as though someone else were eating. Sometimes I lay down during a meal and after a few minutes got up and began to eat again. The result would be that on some days I would take too much, but it seemed to do no harm. My mother became alarmed and said that there must be something wrong with me. She was afraid that I would not live long. When this state altered a little, the world began to appear to me as a dream. While walking in Cornwallis Square, I would strike my head against the iron railings to see if they were real or only a dream. This state of things continued for some days. When I became normal again, I realized that I must have had a glimpse of the Advaitha state. Then it struck me that the words of the scriptures were not false. Thenceforth I could not deny the conclusions of the Advaitha philosophy.

Brahman and Maya - My doubts!

Friends, for the past few days, I am immersed in delusion. I have certain doubts and I need your views and suggestions on it. These are my doubts:

According to the Advaitic concept - everything is Brahman. There is one and only one i.e. Brahman and nothing else. So as human beings, our goal in life is to realize that everything is Brahman and there is nothing else other than Brahman. That's fine. But my question is:

Question 1:
Does this universe "really" exist?

Question 2:
If the universe exists then:
After the Kaliyuga when the entire universe is destroyed, God creates another universe with micro-organisms which is again the embodiment of Atman. So if GOD is "creating" micro-organisms, does that mean that micro-organisms exists? Are they true or false?

Question 3:
If the micro-organisms are true, now what is the use of "creating" these micro-organisms since they are not going to realize Brahman? Only humans can realize Brahman! So to become humans these micro-organisms transcend different stages to become humans. So does that mean humans exist?

Question 4:
Following question 4, do we really exist? For Arjuna to realize Brahman - his mind has to become silent. Arjuna should not consider him to be "Arjuna" nor "Brahman" and only when the mind is silent - Arjuna becomes merged with Brahman. So does that mean Arjuna's body exists? Does Arjuna's mind really exists? Also in this example, say Arjuna realizes that everything is Brahman and there is nothing but void - but TJ Swami may not realize that. So does that mean according to Arjuna, there is no entity called TJ Swami ? To summarize, are these bodies real? Are these minds real? Are these senses real?

For advaita to hold true - all these must be false and void. There should be nothing isnt it? So that means there is no mind, there is no body, there is nothing. So if that is true,going back to question 1 and 2 - then why does God create the universe and micro-organisms in the first place? So if GOD is creating something - then that means its true!

Quite confusing isnt it! I am confused! Spoke to TJ Swami about this now and he is also confused! Hopefully someone of you guys can answer us!

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Suma Iru - Power of Silence - Part 2

Thayumamanvar was a distinguished Tamil poet-saint who lived in the first half of the eighteenth century, from 1705 to 1742 AD. Thayumanavar who was persistently searching for a Guru, came across a Saint called Arul Nandi Sivachariar, who was also known as ‘Mauna Guru’. Arul Nandi Sivachariar came from the lineage of the famous saint Tirumular, whose book, Tirumantiram, written well over a thousand years ago, became one of the canonical works of Saivism.

When Thayumanavar approached him and asked if he could become his disciple, Mauna Guru nodded his head, thereby giving his consent. Thayumanavar then asked if he could follow him wherever he went. Mauna Guru responded by telling him ‘Summa iru,’ which can mean ‘Be still,’ ‘Be quiet,’ and also ‘Remain as you are’. This one phrase apparently brought about a major spiritual transformation in Thayumanavar. In later years, when he began to write ecstatic devotional poetry, he frequently mentioned this event, this phrase, and the effect it had on him. He frequently called it ‘the unique word’ in his verses.

This phrase was also used by Bhagavan Ramana, often with similarly dramatic effect. Muruganar has written in several of his poems that Bhagavan enlightened him by uttering this phrase:

Saying, ‘Enough of dancing, now be still [summa iru],’ Padam [Bhagavan] bestowed on me the state of true jnana that exists forever in my Heart as my own nature. The sovereign grace of Padam completed my sadhana with the words ‘Be still’. What a wonder is this!

The ‘unique word’, summa iru, uttered by a qualified Guru, has an immediate and liberating impact on those who are in a highly mature state. For the vast majority, though, hearing this word from the Guru’s lips is not enough.

Bahgwan Ramana says, "Effortless and choiceless awareness is our real nature. If we can attain it or be in that state, it is all right. But one cannot reach it without effort, the effort of deliberate meditation. All the age-long vasanas carry the mind outward and turn it to external objects. All such thoughts have to be given up and the mind turned inward. For that, effort is necessary for most people. Of course, every book says ‘Summa iru’, i.e., ‘Be quiet or still’. But it is not easy. That is why all this effort is necessary. Even if we find one who has at once achieved the mauna or supreme state indicated by ‘Summa iru’, you may take it that the effort necessary has already been finished in a previous life. So, that effortless and choiceless awareness is reached only after deliberate meditation. That meditation can take any form which appeals to you best. See what helps you to keep away all other thoughts and adopt that method for your meditation."

In this connection Bhagavan quoted verses 5 and 52 from ‘Udal Poyyuravu’ and 36 from ‘Payappuli’ of Saint Thayumanavar. Their gist is as follows. ‘Bliss will follow if you are still. But however much you may tell your mind about the truth, the mind will not keep quiet. It is the mind that won’t keep quiet. It is the mind which tells the mind "Be quiet and you will attain bliss".’ Though all the scriptures have said it, though we hear about it every day from the great ones, and even though our Guru says it, we are never quiet, but stray into the world of maya and sense objects. That is why conscious deliberate effort is required to attain that mauna state or the state of being quiet.


References for Parts 1 and 2:

1) Kandhar Anubhuthi - God experience by N.V.Karthikeyan.
2) Bhagavan Ramana Maharishi and Thayumanavar - Robert Butler, T. V. Venkatasubramanian and David Godman.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Summa Iru - Power of Silence - Part 1

As promised to my dear friend Aditya, I am posting this article. Also my dear friend Krishna has come up with a real cracker of an article in his blog, dont forget to check that out please. The following verse is Saiva Siddhantha at its best! It tells you the only way to realize Brahman!

Kandhar Anubhuthi - Verse 12 by Saint Arunagirinathar

Semmaan Magalaith Thirudum Thirudan
Pemmaan Murugan Piravaan Iravaan
Summaa Iru Sollara Enralume
Ammaa Porul Onrum Arindhilane


"The Stealer who kidnapped Valli, born to the red deer;
That glorious Murugan, deathless and unborn -
When He, speechless, instructed me 'Be Silent',
What wonder! Even a single object I knew not."


"What a wonder! When Lord Murugan - the stealer who kidnapped Valli
born of a red deer, the Glorious One, the birthless and deathless
One -instructed me through silence to 'Be Silent', Lo! I knew no object of the world."

Points to Note:

Wow - St Arunagirinathar delivers a cracker! :).. In this verse, the St emphasizes that Silence is the most important Sadhana or Spiritual practice that is required by a Sadhaka. Here Valli is the Jivatman, the soul aspiring for communion with the Lord. When the Jiva is determined to attain the Lord and engages itself in earnest Sadhana, the Lord tests the Jiva in a variety of ways and finally gives assurance, by way of inner spiritual experience and conviction, of accepting the soul, as he did in the case of Valli (The Lord comes and kidnaps Valli in the middle of the night when everything is Silent - Thus he is referred to as the Stealer of Valli!). So when does the Jiva unite with the Lord? Only when everything is Silent!! When the senses are Silent, When the mind is Silent, When the intellect is Silent and most importantly when there is a spiritual Silence i.e. when the Jiva rests in God Awareness wherein the mind automatically rests in Silence, the mouth speaks not and the body does not move - the higher Spiritual Consciousness takes possession of the Jiva. Herein is revealed the secret that the awakening of the higher spiritual Consciousness is possible only when the outgoing tendencies of the senses, the externalising nature of the mind and the objectifying character of the consciousness are withdrawn and centred in the heart, which is the Abode of the Self.

When Ramana Maharishi was still observing total silence,Sivaprakasam Pillai, a very learned gentleman, asked, "What is the nature of consciousness?" Ramana wrote on his slate, "It is sat chitananda (being, consciousness, bliss) in which there is not even the trace of the 'I' thought. This is also called mauna (Silence) or atma (Self). That is the only thing that is. If the trinity of world, ego and God are considered as separate entities, they are mere illusions, like the appearance of silver in the mother of pearl. God, ego and world are really Sivasvarupa (the form of Siva) or Atmasvarupa (the form of spirit). Ramana says that there is a perpetual source of happiness waiting for us, if only we know how to tap it. Happiness and silence, are co-existent and inclusive of each other. They are inherent and natural to them. Like the musk deer which does not realise that its scent emanates from within itself, human beings are not conscious of the treasure house of happiness within. Happiness lies in discovering our true identity by diving deep within. Silence is not absence of speech and solitude is not physical seclusion or isolation in a cave or a forest or on the mountain top. It is the ability to be in the centre of things, free of the turbulence of thoughts, which besiege and torture the mind. Silence and happiness are universal common property available to all, all the time. "A quiet mind is the foundation of inner peace. No place is quieter than one's soul" (Marcus Aurelius). Ramana taught mainly through the "alchemy of silence".

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Love and Crush!

Guys, my previous post was just to inform you an interesting incident that happened after 13 years and now I am happy that I have let things out of my mind which I had kept all these years. So my mind is free from all the past thoughts :). Moreover, I need to let you all know that I am too old for romancing and have better work to do than romancing around trees! :))

Now for today's topic: Can you guys educate me the difference between luv and crush?

On a funny note: "Asin namma mela viluntha luvu - shakeela namma mela viluntha crushu (we will get crushed!)" - friends eppadi iruku en hikoo :))

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

I am in Bliss - 2

Word of caution before u read the post:

[Now "A" is not in luv/crush (whatever) with "A" or any other alphabets - If "A" was in luv with "A" - "A" wuldnt have spoken to "A" since "A" always hesitates to talk to his crushes!! ]

Ok guys, finally after 13 years, I met "A" on the Internet today - Thanks to her best friend "N" :). This was the first time I ever chatted to her and she is such a friendly person. I told her about how I fell in luv with her and also showed the blogs I wrote about her :). She acknowledged them in a cheerful manner but I guess she would have been probably kicking the chairs next to her :))..We were discussing a lot of things and unfortunately I dont think its proper for me to reveal them :). I also told her that I would be writing about our meeting in this blog and she kindly gave me the permission to do so :). Thanks "A" :)..I would also like to thank you guys - since without your wishes I wouldnt have met her! I have got one more good friend :)

I am just fascinated by the advent of the Internet. Without the Internet I wouldnt have met my old friends and crushes and I shall always be thankful to Rob Kahn, Vint Cerf, Tim Berners Lee and Orkut Büyükkökten for that!

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Temples, Priests and Corruption!

I wanted to write a blog about the above topic for the past few weeks and interestingly Kavitha has raised the same issue in one of her blogs. TJ Swami has posted a blog detailing the plight of the brahmins in today's world. So I thought it would be wise for me to write about it today.

I have visited almost all the temples in Tamil Nadu and for me they are my passion. At this moment, I would like to thank my Divine Mother for taking me to these beautiful temples during my childhood days. But nowdays, I hesistate going to temples like Chidambaram, Palani and Tiruchendur because of the corrupt priests whose only goal is to make money out of you! Last december, we went to Tiruchendur to do an abhishekam to Lord Muruga. We met one of the temple's main priest Veerbahu Iyer's son who has been performing pujas every year and sending Vibhuthi to my aunty in London. My aunty wanted to give him 50 pounds, so my Mother and I met him and gave him the money and told him that we wanted to perform an abhishekam. He told us that he can do it, and also asked us to come to the temple in the early morning to perform the pooja. So next day early morning, he and his brothers were ready to do the pooja and we went to the temple and performed the abhishekam to Lord Muruga which went really well. Then the climax came, and all his brothers, cousins, uncles, sons, grandfathers, nephews rounded us for money!!! Not only the priests but even the security guards rounded us! We ended giving 100/- notes to each of them and still the priests werent happy. Mind you we gave 50 pounds just the night before apart from the money we paid towards the abhishekam! What the heck! We had a tough time coming out from these priests and I vowed not to go to Tiruchendur anymore!!

According to me Chidambaram is the worst temple when it comes to corrupted priests! There would be a priest in every sanithi asking you for your address and other details, and if you give them your address, then you are dead!! They end up coming to your houses asking for money saying that they are doing some pooja! You cant even say no to them and you end up giving money! Palani is horrid! There the priests used to scratch the navapashanam (9 herbal elements) on the statue of Lord Murugan and sell it, and now poor Lord Muruga's back is completely removed!

Why do these priests behave like this? I heard the Chidambaram temple is not run by the government. So the priests have to find their own earnings and I was told that they eat only the prasadam that was given to Lord Nataraja. But is this the way to earn money? We go to temples for peace but these priests and security guards dont let us get us any peace in there!

Contrary to what Kavitha said, I loved the temples of Tiruvanamalai and Madurai. There everything seems to be regulated. Last January when I did a sanghabhishekam in Tiruvanamalai, the entire monetary process was coordinated by the temple secretary. We didnt have a single problem and at the end we were very happy.

I guess its high time the government does something and regulates these priests and also make sure they have proper earnings for them to live properly. Your views would be appreciated.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Finally a serious post!

For a moment, I was thinking of quitting blogging - I was talking to Saravana about it. I felt that I have become addicted to it and wanted to come out of it. But then realized, if I can be useful to some - then its worth spending my time making people happy! Blogging definitely increases your creative spirit and its a pleasure to make people happy. But I guess its high time, I reduce the number of posts like others and concentrate on spirituality and research!

Thanks to Subha, I recently came across an article by Ramya Nageshwaran. I asked her whether I could provide the link here and she kindly agreed. Please do read the post and also check the website given below. It would be great if you guys could come out with ideas that would be useful to the society.

Do check out this link:

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Bloggers meet - details!

Finally we met. TJ Swami and I were absent during the recent bloggers meet in London. So we decided to meet at my home and from there we planned to go to Chakra's house in Chesham. I was expecting TJ to come like Vikram in Anniyan with his long hair hiding his face, but unfortunately TJ had cut his hair and looked more like Remo in Kannum Kannum Nokia ;) After a brief chat, we took the tube to Captain Chakra's house in Chesham. The scenaries we encountered during our travel were awesome. With green valleys and large trees on both sides of the track, for a moment I felt like getting onto the top of the train and start dancing for the song .."Chaiyya Chaiyya" from Uyire! Luckily, there was no way for me to get out - so London was saved from a severe mishap! We arrived at Chesham and called up Chakra to tell him that we had arrived. While we were waiting for him, TJ and I popped into a bakery shop and bought some nice flapjacks and were munching happily. When Chakra came (Listen to Chakra's Introduction Song!) , the entire area came to a standstill. Everyone stopped their activities and stood as if their national anthem was playing. For one second we were wondering what on earth was happening and it took us some time to find out that the Captain of Chesham has entered the area! Chakra came and wished us and took us to his house, and suddenly we started hearing "Long live Captain!" - wow, even our british people have learnt our culture properly :)..

After arriving at Chakra's house, he gave us tea and biscuits. We chatted for almost 4 hours. I was mostly the silent listener since I didnt have the intelligence as TJ and Chakra had. Then we decided to get some food and went to a local take away ( TJ what was the name?) and bought naans, curries and different varieties of rice. When we came home, we found that one of the rice was missing and Captain Chakra got wild. Unfortunately we didnt have the number, so Captain phoned the Chinese shop next to the Indian takeaway and "ordered" them to give their neighbor's number! The Chinese (true to Jawarhal Lal Nehru's statement "Hindi Chindi bhai bhai") got scared of Chakra and gave the number immediately. Chakra then called up those guys and said that the pilov rice was missing and asked them to bring it immediately. We couldnt wait for the rice to come, so we started munching the food. Then the takeaway guy came ( yes u guessed it right - he wore a red cap!), gave the food to Captain Chakra, fell at his feet, then kissed his right hand (Batsha style!!). TJ and I started looking at each others face! We realized that we were sitting next to a great man who was like a godfather to the people of Chesham!

After dinner, it was time for us to bid goodbye to Captain, and took the tubes back home. Inside the tube, TJ was in a jubilient mood and was "pestering" me to take some pics of him :)) . Finally, my station came and I got up and waved goodbye to TJ. A great evening came to an END!

Bloggers Meet at Chesham!

Click on the Flickr badge on the right hand side to view more pics of our meet at Chesham.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

I am in Bliss!

Today, I am so happy..How would you feel if the experience you felt in Cheran's Autograph came to life? It happened to me today. I met my "A" 's best friend "N" today on the Internet and chatted for 3 hours..I was telling "N" about how I fell in luv with "A" and also showed her the blog I wrote about "A". I was happy to hear that "A" is still single (yup for a moment I was in switzerland singing a duet). But the biggest moment came when "N" sent me "A"'s picture!

What a shock!!She has changed so much since I saw her 13 years back! It took some time for me to recognise her (Cheran couldnt recognise his first lover)..I was having this picture of her in my mind..the thin girl with a pony tail, glasses etc..and now she has changed a lot..

I will be chatting to "A" sometime soon :) - and will tell her about my luv story that happened 13 years ago :)..I am happy..very happy indeed..Thanks "N" :)

Now, today is another good day..There is a mini bloggers meet at Captain Chakra's house. I am meeting up Chakra and TJ Swami today :). Swami will be coming to my house in Preston Road and then we will be going to Chakra's house in Chesham. I will be taking my camera with me and will definitely show u guys the pics :). TJ was telling me yesterday that he looks like Anniyan with his hair :)). That should be awesome :). Eagerly waiting to meet my dear friends :).

Friday, September 16, 2005

Jatti Siva (contd..) [With BGM and Songs!]

Read the first part here. The first part has been updated with Captain's introduction song.

Captain is humiliated and returns from the villain's house..The people in the village see him returning sad and all start crying (mass hero image) for him..Captain wants to teach the villain a lesson but does not know how..Everyone shout in one go to him saying that he should contest in the next by-elections in their constituency..But Captain says he does not want to enter politics and he wants only to serve jattis to the poor..but people say that only if he becomes the MLA, the village people will be happy to put his jattis..So Captain is persuaded to enter politics..He starts a political party called the Jatti Katchi!! [Listen to the stunning BGM by Yanni for this particular situation - the entire scene for this BGM will be showing the progress of Captain's political party growing in strength]. This creates more anger for the villain who in turn arranges a marriage for his daughter to the local goonda Ponnambalam...The villain fixes the marriage on the election date itself..Now Captain has to win the election and also get his brother married to the villain's daughter.."Listen to the puratchi song."

The day before the elections, Captain plans to distribute free jattis to the villagers..The villain finds an idea to spoil the name of the hero..He asks his goonda team to somehow go and put some scratching powder (aripu podi) into the jattis that are ready to be distributed..But Captain somehow finds this out and saves the villages from severe sori plagueing them!!

The election day arrives and people start voting..Everyone votes for the jatti symbol..Simultaneously marriage preparations are undergoing..The villain team kidnaps sudhakar and hides him in a toilet!! Captain comes to know about this and goes to the marriage hall..He utters this punch dialogue - Nallavankaka naan jattiyum kalatuven, ketvanuku naan muttiyum (knee) kalatuven. Captain beats the villain [yeah he kicks by jumping on the walls] and saves sudhakar..

Now the local goonda mappilai Ponnambalam comes with a knife to stab Captain..and stabs him in the back..The villagers come to know about this and run to the place..[this will be taken using a crane - top view where the entire road will be full of people - to showcase Captain's mass power] Captain is bleeding and the villagers get very angry and start beating the local goonda Ponnambalam and the villain..Sudhakar is crying with his brother on the lap..The villagers beat the 2 villains and remove the villain's jatti..Captain shouts "Niruthungaaaaa" to the villagers..He gets angry to see the villagers tear the jatti of the villain...

Now is the touching climax..

Captain then removes his jatti and gives it to the villain..The villain is shocked to see this..He now feels that he has done wrong..and falls at Captain's feet..and gives his daughter's hand to sudhakar..Captain seeing this feels happy and he breathes his last.... [We can have Ilayaraja singing "Ho ho hoooooo" with all the old women crying by beating their chests]

Captain goes to the heavens and lives happily there dancing with urvasi, rambha and menaka!

[Are u guys crying? Maybe this anuthaba alai will help our dear Captain to win the next election]

The END..

Crafted by Arjuna BE,MSc,MPhil,PhD,MBCS,MIEEE

Exclusive - Captain Special [Updated with Captain's Introduction song]

Ok guys, the good news is Captain has agreed to my story! Captain has also kindly permitted me to let you all know the story! Mind you this is a serious story. It has a tragic end similar to Captain's Ramana. So make sure you have your handkerchiefs ready.

Remember Captain wanted me to write a story considering people's important need. So I have written the story based on that 'important' requirement. The story will be put in 2 separate posts. Romba over-a buildup kudukerano? :))

[I am dedicating this story to my dear friend Jeevan. If I am able to get a smile from his face, then I have achieved my objective :) ]

Title: "Jatti Siva" - An Episode in a Nattamai's Life!

Produced by - Captain Cine Creations

"The characters expressed here does not resemble anyone living or dead"

Captain's Introduction Scene:

Scene 1: Oru elai (poor) kutti paiyan is running on the road without a jatti (underwear)..

Scene 2: The camera is shown to someone's legs as he walks to the poor boy.

Scene 3: The camera is still focusing on the legs as he removes his jatti (yeah in slow motion) and gives his jatti to the poor boy!!(Emotional scene with some commercial elements ;) ) - Theatre-la whistle parakum!!

Scene 4: People seeing this will be crying with joy!!(Thaai maarin (mother) manathai thodura scene)

Scene 5:Our kelavi (old lady) comes with an aarathy and does aarathy to the hero saying 'Jatti koduthu maharasa, nee nooru vayasu valanum!" and we then show Captain's (his name is Siva) face (with his eyebrows going up and down)!! (Pularikuthu!!)

[Have u guys got goosebumps listening to the introduction scene? Then why wait..Go and join Captain's party asap!]

Now the main story:

and now the people in the village start singing the introduction song
(After listening to this song - the people of TN should vote only for Captain!!) . Then Captain asks the people why the boy is running without a jatti. The people say that the local jatti company is run by the MLA (villain) , and his company jattis are very expensive to buy and they simply cant afford to buy one [Note: I am tackling a very important issue - which is the daily requirement!]. So Captain vows to start a jatti company and he starts a new company. He starts distributing free jattis (people stand in a very long queue to get the jattis - a situation song will be there praising Captain. )

Since the people in the village are getting free jattis, the villain is very angry since his business is down!!

[Note: The next part is a real life incident that happened to my friend Sudhakar!]

Now the Captain's brother sudhakar enters the scene..He is studying in a college in the city and has come to the village to see his brother..Similarly, the villain's daughter who is studying in bengal also comes to the village to see her father (villain)..The villain tells the daughter abt his plight and the daughter vows to take revenge..So one early morning when sudhakar goes to the aathangarai(river bank) with a sombu(mug) ( I hope u got what I meant), the girl rapes him!! .

(Director's touch - To show the rape scene - the sombu will start rolling down and fall into the water!!)

[Note: Captain wants equal rights for women, so this scene is imperative!]

Here I put the title : Direction - Arjuna BE,MSc,MPhil,PhD,MBCS,MIEEE (he he he)

Sudhakar then cries and tries to commit suicide - but Captain saves him and tells him that he will get her married to him! Captain then approaches the villain and tells that his daughter has raped his brother!!

The villain says "Nool (thread) edam kudukama oosi(pin) nulayamudiyuma?" (In english - without the thread's knowledge can the the pin enter?) [Note: Sorry, konjam Bhagyaraj hangover ;) ]

Captain is shocked to hear this. Tears start rolling in his RED eyes! ( and also in the eyes of all the viewers). Captain then says to the villain that he will get the daughter married to his brother and leaves!!


To be contd..

Thursday, September 15, 2005

A girl I drew 5 years back!

Found this drawing inside a book today! I saw this picture in the Kumudam magazine while I was at REC-Trichy, which inspired me to draw her immediately. My friends thought she resembled one of my classmate - so inorder to save myself, I wrote that this was a drawing of my best friend Muthu's dream girl! I drew this pic on Jan 20, 2000.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

The King announces the name of his political party!

Engal Ithaya Theiyvam Maduraiyai Meetiyai Sundarapandi One man army Puratchi Kalaignar Dr.Vijaykanth hoisted his party flag early in the morning and later named his party as “Desiya Murpokku Dravida Kazhagam” (DMDK) which means Nationalistic Progressive Dravida Party. Captain announced at 9.09 am today amongst thunderous applause from nearly 1.5 Lakh people who had gathered at Thoppur in the suburbs of Madurai. All obsessed fans of thalaivar ("Chinna Gounder" Bala, "Thavasi" Priya, "Narasimha" Saravana, "Captain" Vatsan and many others), its time to celebrate.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Spiritual Journey Begins!

I am pleased to announce the advent of the new spiritual blog entitled "Cosmic Consciousness". My dream of uniting all the spiritual stalwarts of the blogging community has come true :). I would like to mention my special thanks to Venky and Agnibharathi for initiating the process along with me. I would also like to thank Saravana, Aditya, TJ Swami, Kasthuri and Anand for joining us as contributors. We look forward for other like minded bloggers to join us in this spiritual journey. Thanks.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

IMPORTANT - 'Karupu MGR' Alaikirar!!

Check out the videos: Captain's Political Call

Pularikkuthu - Captain Kilambitaraya Kilambitaru! Thamilagam Olirukirathu!!

Captain Vaalga! Varungala Mudhalvaruku oru "O" podungapa!

Interesting Photo!

Any guesses on what they would have spoke? ;)

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Thala's New Film "Paramsivan"

Friday, September 09, 2005

4 the Truth!

I have been reading with awe, the different spiritual articles by my dear fellow bloggers..

The articles composed by my dear friends Agni, Anand and Kasthuri are above the realms of ordinary mankind. Kasthuri's amazing logical deductions about Hindusim is just jaw dropping. Even though I do not agree with Anand's philosophy of Vishistadvaita, I should say that his coherent arguments are mind boggling and cannot be disagreed easily. And what to say of Agni :) - He is a modern day Kambar and if I was a girl, I would have fallen in luv with him :)..My dear friends Aditya, TJ, Saravana, and Ganesh write articles that can be easily understood by the common man and I appreciate their devotion to the Lord. I should also say a few words about Aditya. He keeps on writing articles irrespective of anyone giving comments or not. He does not bother about them and keeps writing. I salute your selfless attitude, my friend :). My dear friend Krishna even goes to the extent of singing the glory of the Divine and his love for Lord Krishna mesmerises me. Subha's articles about the Hindu temples and the way she deciphers the beauty of these religious places are simply outstanding. Last but not the least, my dear friend blogger Aatma, whose penchant for spirtual truth mesmerises me. I have a special affinity towards Aatma :)..He was the first person to blogroll me and I am always grateful to him :).

I wish these and many more bloggers, unite as a single force along with my best friend Sriram V Iyer (who rarely blogs because of his work) to take on the evil ideologies that is currently prevailing in this world today. Their knowledge should be used to remove disillusionment of the people and uphold the sanathana dharma that our great religion teaches. Hopefully one day, my dream will become true :).

Tring Tring..Captain Calling..

Yesterday mid night, phone rings..

Phone: Tring..Tring..Tring..Tring..

Arjuna: Hello..

Other side: Hello, Vanakam, Naan Captain Pesuren!

Arjuna: Captain who?

Other side: (In an angry tone..) Hey, intha ulagathula 193 naadu iruku..

(before he tortures me..)

Arjuna: Aiyyo..Sir..Captain Vijayakanth Sir..Neengala..

Captain: Aamma, Naan thaan Captain Vijayakanth pesuren!

Arjuna: Enna Captain...enaku poi phone...

Captain: Neenga, en pugala blog full-a paraparatha kelvi paten..athu mattum illa, neenga nalla cinema-vuku kathai eluthivinganum kelvi paten..

Arjuna: Aaama Captain (shivering..)

Captain: Naan September 14th Madurai-la manadu nadathaporen..theriyumila?

Arjuna: Theriyum Captain..

Captain: Sari, adutha padathula neenga thaan ennaku kathai eluthi tharanum..

Arjuna: Ennathu, naana?

Captain: Aama, neenga thaan..En padathai pathutu makkal ellam ennaku thaan vote podanum..ok va?

Arjuna: Sure, Captain..Eluthi thaaren..

Captain: Makaluku etha mathiri kathai pannum..nalla axson(action) movie vennum..Narasimha mathiri super hit aanum, ahhhhhhhnnnn!

Arjuna: (Me laughing inside..not showing outside)

Captain: Enna mounam?

Arjuna: Pannalam Captain..Super kathai pannalam..

Captain: Sari, makkaluku ethu romba thevayo - atha vachu oru kathayai pannunga..

Arjuna: Sure Captain (Me thinking..)

Captain: Ok, Kathayai ready pannitu ennaku solunga..

Arjuna: Ok Captain..


Arjuna: Saringa Captain (confused..)

Captain: Valka thameeel! Nandri..Vanakam!

Arjuna: Bye Captain (with a sigh of relief)..

Now guys, I am left to write a story for our dear Captain.I am thinking of an important subject now..

[P.S: I shall let you know the story soon...]

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Happy Pillayar Chathurthi!

I came to know that today is Pillayar Chathurthi, only after accidently watching Surya's interview in Sun TV!! Shows how messed up my life is here in London!! So boring!! Yawnnnnnnnn!


Who is Vinayaka?

In the sloka beginning with the words, Suklaambaradharam Vishnum, only the form of the deity is described. But there is another inner meaning for the name Vinayaka. Suklaambaradharam means one who is clad in white. Vishnum means he is all-pervading. Sasivarnam means his complexion is grey like that of ash. Chathurbhujam means he has four arms. Prasannavadanam means he has always a pleasing mien. Sarvavighnopasaanthaye means for the removal of all obstacles. Dhyaayeth, meditate (on him). Vinayaka is the deity who removes all bad qualities, instills good qualities and confers peace on the devotee who meditates on him .

Vinayaka means that he is totally master of himself. He has no master above him. He does not depend on anyone. He is also called Ganapathi. This term means he is the lord of the ganas - a class of divine entities. This term also means that he is the master of the intellect and discriminating power in man. He possesses great intelligence and knowledge. Such knowledge issues from a pure and sacred mind. This knowledge leads to wisdom (vijnaana). Because he is the master of Buddhi (intelligence) and Siddhi (wisdom or realization), he is described as the Lord of Buddhi and Siddhi. Buddhi and Siddhi are referred to as the consorts of Vinayka.

The mouse is the vehicle of Vinayaka. What is the inner significance of the mouse? The mouse is considered as the embodiment of the sense of smell. The mouse is a symbol of the attachment to worldly tendencies (vaasanas). It is well known that if you want to catch a mouse, you place a strong-smelling edible inside the mouse-trap. The mouse also symbolizes the darkness of night. The mouse can see well in the dark. As Vinayaka's vehicle the mouse signifies an object that leads man from darkness to light. The Vinayaka-principle, thus, means that which removes all the bad qualities, bad practices and bad thoughts in men and inculcates good qualities, good conduct and good thoughts.

Vinayaka has many teachings that help man liberate himself. Worship of Lord Ganesha has been followed from very ancient times. In the Narayana Upanishad, Lord Ganesha is praised first. In the three Vedas, we find the mention of Lord Ganesha. Even in music, they pray to Ganesha for his grace. Do we have the qualities of Vinayaka? Lord Vinayaka has a pure heart. In fact, Siddhi and Buddhi (fulfilment and intellect) are his two eyes. He considered them as his consorts. For intelligence, we need to have Buddhi. For Buddhi, we need to have gratitude. An ungrateful man can never become an intellectual. Without intellect, one can never be successful. Vinayaka confers success. So, we need to know the inner significance of Lord Vinayaka.Today, before we start any work, we pray to Lord Ganesha. Without praying to the master of masters, Vinayaka, and thereby, acting in an egoistic way, we are bound to fail. Vinayaka Chathurthi is the first festival of the year, followed by other festivals. Bharatiyas begin their daily prayers with a prayer to Lord Ganesha. Vinayaka is the head of spiritual, mental and physical levels. We should sustain and protect all these levels.

- Excerpts from Bhagwan Sathya Sai Baba's Divine Discourse (Ganesh Chathurthi - September 12, 1991)


Btw, this photo caught my attention today. Saw this photo in Junior Vikatan.

Shows why our Captain is an one man army getting ready to save Tamil Nadu! Anyone getting goosebumps? :p

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Deepak Dev - Malayalam Music at its best!

Have you listened to these songs from Chronic Bachelor:

1) Pakal Poove

2) Silayil Ninnum

3) Swayamvara Chandrikae

How about these songs from Symphony:

1) Chithramani Kaatil

2) Pannimathithey

Or finally these songs from Mohanlal's Naran:

1) Minnadi

2) Naran

These songs were composed by none other than my favourite mallu music director Deepak Dev, a former assistant of A.R.Rahman. His first film was Chronic Bachelor starring Mohanlal (which was remade into Engal Anna, acted by our Future CM One Man Army "Captain" ;) ). I started listening to Mallu songs only after listening to this guy's awesome music in Chronic Bachelor. His music focuses more on melody and he is just awesome! Just try listening to these songs while you are in bed! He should be brought to TFM!

Friday, September 02, 2005


Who says only fellow blogger and my dear friend Krishna can shock us with his music? LOL - Here check this out and get a heart attack!! I tried to create a one minute techno track with my ejay software and the outcome is truly shocking!! Not for the weak hearted and pregnant women!

Hope you guys especially Ganesh will pardon me!

Btw, I am currently listening to this song Nakhre from Barsaat umpteen number of times..The music is catchy and Alisha's voice is damn HOT!

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Thayumanavar, Ramana and Sadguru

Thayumanavar wrote about the qualifications that are necessary for one who is looking for a qualified Guru. Bhagavan Ramana once cited this verse, and endorsed its contents, in the following dialogue:

Question: When does one get the company of sadhus?
Bhagavan: The opportunity to be in the company of a Sadguru comes effortlessly to those who have performed worship of God, japa, tapas, pilgrimages etc for long periods in their previous births. There is a verse by Thayumanavar that points out the same thing:

For those who, in the prescribed manner,
have embarked upon the [pilgrim] path
of divine images, holy sites and holy tanks,
a Sadguru, too, will come
to speak one unique word,
O Supreme of Supremes!

Only he who has done plenty of nishkamya punyas [austerities performed without any thought of a reward or consequence] in previous births will get abundant faith in the Guru. Having faith in the Guru’s words, such a man will follow the path and reach the goal of liberation.