Friday, December 30, 2005

Bugatti Veyron: The most expensive car ever to come to India

India will see Bugatti Veyron by next year! Guess the price - its quite cheap - it will be priced at Rs 10 crores!

Monday, December 26, 2005

Bala Murugan on the Arunachala Hill

This is the statue of Lord Muruga - I had mentioned in my blog:

I just love these songs..

1) Ennamo Nadakirathai from Sandaikoli
- Meera Jasmine is too cute in this song! This song is too peppy - just love it..Currently listening to it in repeated mode. I just love the way the song is damn good especially the humming!

2)Taj Mahal Oviya Kadal from Kalvanin Kadali
- Awesome song..I love the music that is being played in the background.

3)Eno Kangal from Kalvanin Kadali
-An absolute stunner of a song!

4)Oru Naalil (remix) from Pudhupettai
-Another good one

[P.S: The irony is that all these songs were composed by my arch rival Yuvan Shankar Raja - the music director whom I dont like :(! ]

[P.S: Another interesting fact - Yuvan Shankar Raja has married my father's cousin's daughter!]

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Back to Square One.

I am back in UK after my stay in Chennai for 6 weeks. Now I will be able to do my blogging properly for some more time before I commence my new job. My trip to Chennai was memorable. I plan to blog about the different people I came across, put up more pics of my Chennai trip and my views on Tamil Nadu. I would like to thank each and everyone of you who commented on my blog even knowing that I wont be able to respond to your comments. I would like to thank you for your kind wishes and support. I would like to especially thank Parvati for keeping in touch with me through regular emails knowing that I will not be able to reply. Thanks Parvati for everything :). I could have called you and spoke to you but didnt and you know why :).

I would like to thank my new friend 'S' who contacted me after reading my blogs and for keeping in touch regularly and helping me during my stay in Chennai. She has been providing directions (in and around Chennai) and advice (even asked me to deactivate my blog! - since she felt it could cause me problems (all the love stories I wrote) in the future). Thanks for your concern and support 'S' :).

A special thanks to my blogger friend Viji - for taking the pain to give me a call from bangalore and wasting her money :). Thanks Viji. I have got a great 'intelligent' friend in you :).

I have added some pics on flickr.Thanks once again :).. Wish you all a Happy Christmas :)

Thursday, December 15, 2005

I saw the greatest Karma Yogi!

Today the purpose of my life has been fulfilled. I have seen God! Yes, I saw the greatest Karma yogi. Last year, I saw a stunning news on Suntv, about a son - a farmer from Madhya Pradesh called Kailashgiri carrying his mother all the way from Bargi village near Jabalpur in Madhya Pradesh to Rameswaram, to enable her fulfill her vow to visit the Lord Ramanathaswamy temple there by Padayathra!!!! He has been carrying her for the past 9 years!!
Thirty-four year-old Kailashgiri, carried his octogenarian mother in a basket, suspended on one side of a pole slung across his shoulder while on the other, he carried his mother's belongings, food etc in another basket. I was stunned when I saw the news..I have heard the story of a son who was carrying his parents during the Ramayana period. But never in my life did I expect to see someone carrying his mother on his shoulders and going on a padayatra to fulfill his mother's vow! When I saw this news - I desperately wanted to meet him and offer my humble prayers to this great Karma yogi.

And today while driving to Tiruttani - I met this great Saint - the greatest Karma Yogi I came across - he was carrying his mother on his shoulders and was running towards Tiruttani. I immediately asked my driver to stop - and told my mother about him - ran towards him - and touched his feet and his mother's. If it was not for the road - I would have just fallen flat on his feet! He didnt speak - but was just taking rest by circumbulating his mother! I felt very emotional since I have seen God in human form. In this age of Kali Yuga - where children dont even care for their parents - I am seeing an epitome of pure selfless love! The story of Kailashgiri is going to be a part of history and I am very happy that I have witnessed this part of history.

Its easy to become devoted to God and become a saint by living reclusively! But the greatest way of attaining spiritual liberation is by following one's duties and this incident is far above anything on earth! I was telling my mother - that I will never be able to do something like this and I felt ashamed for it! I am worse than a corpse!

Even though I have personally seen God before- I cherish this moment as one of the greatest moments of my life and thank my Arunachala for bestowing his grace on me to witness and experience Him as pure LOVE! Naan piravi payanai adainthu viten!

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Weekend fun

Last weekend was fun. Some of my friends from RECT came and met me. One of them was my first year room mate called Murugesan. He is from Yelagiri. I call him Nattamai since he used to say that his uncle was the nattamai in that place. When I was his roomie - I used to play a lot of pranks with him. During the first year - we were not allowed to get out of the hostel due to the frear of ragging. So one night I was very hungry and didnt have anything to eat. In our room, there were 5 of us, 3 southies and 2 northies who rarely stayed in our room. These northies used to have rusks (or porrai) hidden in the top cupboard. So that night, as I was hungry I etched out a plan to flick the porrai and eat it! So inorder to achieve my target, I asked murugesan to be my accomplice - but murugesan being a nice guy said - that he would help me - but will not eat it. So I said fine and I asked him to wait outside the room while I climb the cupboard and get the rusks out. So he was standing out watching if anyone was coming and I flicked the rusks ate 2 of them and put the others back.

The next day, when some of my southie friends came to the room, I started telling to them that Murugesan stole the rusks and ate it! Murugesan tried hard to prove his innocence but failed since those guys believed me! :)) Everyone started laughing and from that day I started calling murugesan as porai thirudan - lol.

Similarly, guys used to give birthday bumps whenever someone had his birthday. So once everyone in my wing were giving birthday bumps to someone - murugesan out of his curiosity came out of the room and started giving birthday bumps. I felt like playing another prank on him and started shouting that it was murugesan's birthday today!! So everyone turned towards him and started chasing him! And u know what he did - he ran towards his trunk to get out his birth certificate to prove his birth date! I leaped on him and carried him out and all of us started bashing him up!! Poor Guy!! :))

We were recalling all these incidents and were laughing..Went and watched Aaru with my friends! What the heck! I have vowed never to watch Hari's films again! The sound in the theatre was deafening and for one moment I thought the entire theatre is going to crumble on my head due to the noise! Useless movie - just a junk!

Saturday, December 10, 2005


I am very sorry for not updating the blog for quite sometime :(.. Quite busy with some visa work and so bit tied up here..I wasnt able to meet my blogger friends last saturday due to heavy rain. But I will definitely meet them before I leave to London. I have extended my stay for 2 more weeks due to the above mentioned visa work that needs to be sorted for my mother.

If you guys are visiting Tiruvanamalai, try to visit the small murugan temple on the hill near the mulaipaal theertham. You can see an orange flag flying over the temple and it is directly situated behind the main temple gopuram. You just need to walk up for about 10 minutes or so to reach this temple. This temple was built by my uncle who passed away recently. The murugan statue is the most beautiful murugan I have ever come across in my life. There is a young saint who is maintaining the temple and daily poojas are performed by him. He told me that during kirthigai about 1500 litres of milk are used for abhishekam and I went what! Even though I felt it was like wasting all the milk in the name of God - but from another point you see that He is the one who gives us everything. I couldnt take pics of the temple since I didnt take my camera - but I plan to visit the temple again probably next week. I will make sure that I take pics of the temple and the deity. When I went to the temple, it was karthigai somavaram - so they were performing a special abhishekam to the deity in the evening. After the abhishekam, they gave kesari and sundal to some sivan adiyars and I also joined them (me being a sivan adiyar too ;) )!
That was a blissful moment eating prasadam with the devotees of the Lord and it should be experienced! Then we were also served tea after the prasadam. I spent almost 7 hours or so in that temple and also did some meditation on a nearby rock..It was just blissful..Its a must see temple if you go to Tiruvanamalai.

Friday, December 02, 2005

Mini bloggers meet tommorow

Probably there would be a mini bloggers meet tommorow (if it doesnt rain) at Cafe Coffee day at 4:00 pm (Isphani Centre, Nungambakkam). Vatsan, Aditya, Virdi and Prabhu Karthik will be joining me. Sriram may come with me. I have also sent invitations to some more members I know. Hopefully we will all meet :)

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Next set of photos uploaded

I have uploaded the next set of photos in flickr.. These pics were taken with Anand, Jeevan, Vatsan and Atma..I have also uploaded the pics from Tiruvanamalai..I am currently uploading more pics..This idiotic internet center is so slow - it takes almost 15 minutes to upload 2 pics!! I am determined to upload the photos somehow! :)..

I am planning to meet Virdi and Aditya this saturday along with Sriram..I spoke to my blogger friend Viji yesterday..She is in bangalore and it was quite a funny conversation :)..She is very funny and a very friendly person! But unfortunately I didnt allow her to talk and I was doing all the talking :))..Typical Arjuna! Next time I speak to her - will listen to what she says :P..