Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Why am I so obsessed with skin?

Ok before, I start my topic - I would like to wish my love a very "Happy Birthday"!

Ok for the past few weeks, I have written some spiritual posts, some posts on music and now you could have easily guessed that I would come out with my posts on my loves and crushes :). Yes I am back to what I am good at! But before I start - some topics may be B-grade - so the women readers especially Parvati whom I respect so much - please excuse and pardon me! I am just trying to be very frank here! So pardon me if I have hurt your sentiments!

"Arjuna, you are so obsessed with skin!" - these were some wise, angry words from a friend who is a girl! How true! I still wonder why I am so obsessed with skin! My obsession and passion for beauty started from the age of 6. Some of my cousin sisters told me that at that age I used to sit on the wall in my house in Jaffna and look at all the school and college girls that passby! I still remember when I was 7, I asked my father "appa, why am I falling in love with all these girls who come to my house?"! So my passion for pretty women started from a very young age and as time passed by - my passion has turned into an obsession! While in college, I used to describe the beauty of women in such a passionate manner - my room was virtually filled with guys coming and listening to my passionate discourse!! For eg - I used to describe how a girl's hip should be - "If you roll a small ball (goli) over a girl's hip or iduppu - it should roll back and forth like a pendulum !"

From the day I saw Prashanth in "Hello" dancing for this song - I used to tell my mother that my ambition is to dance with 5 girls on the left and 5 girls on the right on top of Valluvar Kottam for this song! And even if I dont get 10 girls - I will atleast hire some and dance! My mother used to put her hand on her head :)) - Infact the day before I was born, my mother dreamt a kutti Hanuman was sleeping on a craddle! I still wonder how I can be a reincarnation of Lord Hanuman :P! Maybe its because I am bit naughty! lol

So why am I like this? Maybe its just my imaginations are so wild! My mother thinks I am bit artistic in my thoughts - and that is how I talk to people. I describe everything very passionately! I love anything that is beautiful. I love beautiful women, beautiful music, beautiful houses, beautiful animals, beautiful scenaries and even handsome men! I just simply adore beauty to its fullest!

Yesterday my dearest friend Atma was telling me that I would show my love to a girl to the fullest provided I dont see someone else. That was very true :) Since my mind just fluctuates whenever I see someone more beautiful and immediately fall in love with that one too!

Maybe its my Jathakam or astrological chart that is the culprit! My astrologers say since my Sukran or Venus is very strong - my love life would be always strong and advised me to stay away from women! Maybe that is one reason why I wanted to become a Saint:P - but I am quite sure its my vasanas from my previous birth that is tormenting me now!

[Note : There are so many negative things/sorrow/death/disease happening around me - so that is why I wanted to write something that could make others smile - so that I can be happy - I respect women so much and they are not an object of desire for me! I cannot live without them! Its just the beauty that adores me!]


At October 26, 2005 12:34 PM, Blogger Parvati said...

No need to apologise, Arjuna. You should always be yourself.

"Beauty is His footprint showing us where He has passed."

Since it is the touch of God that makes anything beautiful, it is hardly surprising that you, who want to live and are doing serious sadhana to live the One Ishwara, are so very obsessed with that aspect of Him in all that is there on Earth.

Having said that, how are you going to handle all these beauties in a single lifetime? Your life will be totally disorganised and a mess, spinning outa control.

All this passionate TALK is ok; in reality buck up and get married to that one lady and start truly living!!

At October 26, 2005 1:25 PM, Blogger Priya said...

mmm skinla aarambichu respect women varakku evlo unmaiyo evlo poiyooo.. hmm anyway its good !!!

I also have some notions which are beautiful etc (but ungala maari ella beauty ellam admire pannadhu illa :))and my freinds who are girls would be like ' how can u think like this'

I seriously think beauty in girls is just the skin texture and healthyness of hair !!!

At October 26, 2005 2:41 PM, Blogger Ganesh said...

Arjuna no wonder you like 'Krishna'

At October 26, 2005 4:04 PM, Blogger Viji said...

Arjuna- Bravo ! you are one of a kind !! :))
Its quite natural for many people to feel this way, but nobody dares to admit it, for fear of their "image" getting tarnished... sheer hypocrisy [I think I've given enough material for your next post :)]

P.S: Blogs are no longer blocked :)

At October 26, 2005 4:15 PM, Blogger Viji said...

But, I firmly believe that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder...

At October 26, 2005 5:34 PM, Blogger Ganpy said...

Hi Arjuna, I have been a silent reader of your blog for a while. I think you have a very interesting blog..Pretty honest about what you write. The topics you cover range from being outright funny to being immensely spiritual. Guess it is just a reflection of your personality! Anyways, great job..keep it going.


At October 26, 2005 6:53 PM, Blogger Aatma said...

Dai Arjuna yellam sollitu last le smart move han. After talking with you so much, i know that whatever u said is true to the T - u admire them, u adore them, u love them, u respect them[to the extent that many men would love to term u a feminist] and finally u can't live without them.

And i believe, even though i said yesterday that "until u see someone else" part, that if u are married to a girl, u will be truthful to her and never see any other girl - unfortunately due to the good nature your mom has given to you ;)

At October 26, 2005 6:54 PM, Blogger Aatma said...

One more thing - unnokku kalynam than valli - don't try falling in love - too many beauties around - u can't keep control over your eyes, heart and head ;)

At October 26, 2005 6:57 PM, Blogger Aatma said...

And Parvati, kudos to you, you seem to give a positive spin to anything we say - I could never have thought in that way.

And Viji, compeletly agree with you, Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

At October 26, 2005 8:47 PM, Blogger Ganesh said...

Dude Arjuna even if you shut yourself in the deepest of the darkest cave
as long as you havent controlled your mind you are in trouble
you might chant the whole day,wear the brigh color orange robe, grow a long beard and all that.

so renunciation is in the mind not in the external thing.

Its like 'Samudhrathil alai oiyundha apparam kulikalamnnu' madiri irukku

At October 26, 2005 8:50 PM, Anonymous Raju said...

haha... good one, Arjuna.. Your previous posts were too long and hi-fi for me to read and comment.. (chumma)..

Asin birthday-yai eppadi kondadineenga?

At October 26, 2005 10:25 PM, Blogger Arjuna_Speaks said...

Parvati - thanks for ur as usual wonderful comments :)

Me marrying? I dont think I could not now - too many things to do! Maybe in 2 years time :)

At October 26, 2005 10:26 PM, Blogger Arjuna_Speaks said...

Priya - Naan epothume unmayai thaan pesuven :)

At October 26, 2005 10:26 PM, Blogger Arjuna_Speaks said...

ganesh - FYI - in my house they call me Krishna :P

At October 26, 2005 10:28 PM, Blogger Arjuna_Speaks said...

Viji - that is great news! Ur company wuld have known by now - that no one can stop Viji from 'not' working :P - lol

Yeah - u have given some new topics as usual :))..its been a long time since I got some 100 comments :P..

Eyes of the beholder? I have nolla kannu :( - lol

At October 26, 2005 10:29 PM, Blogger Arjuna_Speaks said...

Ganpy - thanks a lot dude for ur support :) - I shall definitely visit ur blog :)

At October 26, 2005 10:31 PM, Blogger Arjuna_Speaks said...

Atma - nanmba - romba pugalathey pa! :))

Sure dude - wuld marry after u did :)

At October 26, 2005 10:31 PM, Blogger Arjuna_Speaks said...

Ganesh - dude - good views there :)

At October 26, 2005 10:32 PM, Blogger Arjuna_Speaks said...

raju -

"Your previous posts were too long "

My posts - too long???? Dude u must check Anand's post to see the meaning of too long :))

Asin's birthday celebrations? - that is my next post ! :)

At October 26, 2005 10:34 PM, Blogger Arjuna_Speaks said...

Parvati -

"Beauty is His footprint showing us where He has passed."

Since it is the touch of God that makes anything beautiful, it is hardly surprising that you, who want to live and are doing serious sadhana to live the One Ishwara, are so very obsessed with that aspect of Him in all that is there on Earth."

I dont know from where u get all these wonderful sentences :) - too good :)

At October 26, 2005 11:20 PM, Blogger TJ said...

Yappa Arjuna,
full flow la irukka pola!! Nadathu, nadathu raasaaaa!!

At October 26, 2005 11:45 PM, Blogger krishna said...

Dear Friend Arjuna

Though u say in the end that u don't view women as objects of desire , the fact is that deep inside your mind there are tsunamis of desires as u have let some of 'em out in the post (thru vasanas). You say that your passion had turned into an obsession yet you say you have no desire.

It is VERY true that there are beautiful women, beautiful clouds, music etc and at the same time but they are all transient (can't avoid this cliche). The outer beauty is subject to continuous cycle of formation and deformation. What alone remains continuously is the beautiful Aatman and the even more beautiful paramaathman behind that aatman. Without the aatman , can u imagine such beautiful things. All beautiful damsels turn into dead matter rottening to form skeletons.This is a simple universal observation. This is kind of analogous to opting to eat bananas when there is actually a ripe and juicy mango (or any fruit u like better) for the take.

If your mind can view a woman or any beautiful object as the creation of god or god himself , then there is no scope for cravings and desires. You just adore him/he because it is the gorgeous HE/SHE. If that is not the case, refrain from commenting/thinking or enjoying the beauty cause the basic nature of our minds is to fall for the external beauty which can take the greatest of souls down to dooms.

My friend, if u have such great respect for women, i urge you to write posts on great women like Mother Teresa and Smt MSS amma instead of writing on Asins and all other glamorous women. Every average teenager should have such kind of obsessions ,not the knower of the greatness and the intrinsic beauty of Sriman Narayana( or shiva:)

I also strongly urge you to pray god to give you the vairagya to set you free from external obsession. If you don't take efforts now, u will definitely take that in a near/distant future. Y can't that be now? it is always better to start right away... u never know when u'll get the fruits. anyways, u cant expect any fruit..just pray him.....Posts like this from you doesnt actually reflect the actual spiritual knowledge that uve got. U can have desires but by putting them on the blog , arent u actually strenghtening those vasanas? I feel that it's high time for you to think deeply on this.

I have said all this despite being aware that not everyone can do the job of changing others but only because it is my duty as your friend to express what i think is correct.

Pardon me if my words were a bit arrogant. If i had used them , they are because of my not so great english vocab.

Sriman narayanaarpanam

At October 27, 2005 12:28 AM, Blogger Aatma said...

Wow Krishna - Parvathi gave a positive spin and u a negative one.

Even if not seen from a religious angle - Beauty is supposed to be skin deep - but unfortunately many of us are stuck with the outward physical beauty - many say big words but still none follow - i have not seen anyone yet who has differed from the rule.

A simple question - actually it should be more of blog post - why are we born with all these different kind of senses - all these so called weakness - we are attracted to opposite sex - may be its because of love or lust ? Is it God given which he wants us to master and come out of it or is there a devil as in Christianity who coerces us to the Dark side ? If it is God given then why do all this ?

Pardon my ignorance - the only way to learn is to ask.

At October 27, 2005 4:05 AM, Blogger Sumonk said...

Dear Arjuna,
I am with u totally on this buddy :-)
I have gone through similar feelings, similat emotions and I connect with you at every level, Infact I see that perfect synch between us in appreicating lot of things in this world. Like I said previously, I feel u are writing through me...
Beauty is absolutely there to be appreicated, adored and enthralled, Beauty is of many kinds, the way we love a beautiful flower, a beautiful sunset, a beautiful mountain, beautiful garden, a beautiful person. Infact I too fall in love with handsome guys :-).But see, it is all about Nature, Infact Women is nothing but Nature. Women is a representation of nature, not Man.

If a person cannot appreicate every aspect of women, he/she is defying the laws of nature.

There are 2 aspects to this world, Evolutionary and Spiritual. Both have to live together, or else there is no progression.

Being part of the Nature (that included woman, flaur and fauna)and Evolutionary process, it does not hurt to fall in love, enjoy the beauty of nature. At the same time that indulgence in beauty of nature will take you to the core parts of nature that are spiritual, for example Silence, darkness, non-judgemental attitude, Acceptance.
Both evolutionary and spirirual sides walk hand in hand withot which there is no progress to the mankind. You cannot be a snyasi and sit in an ashram and see this is the end of the world, nor u cannot be a Bhogi and running around women, saying that they are the end of the world. One thing leads to the other.

Infact I have an interesting experience I wuld like to share. Whenever I go to Tirupathi, the abode of Lord Venkateswara and the most divine place, Aalong with the Spiritual side, I feel my evolutionary side comes out. I feel very romantic, and my body, mind and soul goes into a blissful state. Infact I enjoy the divine bliss in the hills and at the same time I want to be with a beautiful woman next to me enjoying the same divine bliss. I feel complete with a woman. Because we evolve from woman, We are created in woman, we are nurtured by woman, we live with woman, and it is no harm in appreciating the woman in its various forms.
In know many people might think that we are womenisers, but the truth is that we are the kind of people who see beauty in woman and the God. That is the right balance that is needed. I connect to so well becasue I see that balance in you :-)

Kaaryesu dhaasi, bhojyesu maatha, sayanesu rambha, karanesu manthri.....

with best wishes,

At October 27, 2005 4:35 AM, Blogger Viji said...

Viji - that is great news! Ur company wuld have known by now - that no one can stop Viji from 'not' working :P - lol

Arjuna- Yeah, I know you got confused with the usage and jumbled everything. [or,was it a typo? if it is, then it's the weirdest typo ever :)]
No... don't apologize. Just make this small change... remove the 'not'. :)) LOL

At October 27, 2005 4:44 AM, Blogger Sumonk said...

Continuation of thought...
Beauty is a package of everything that comes with evolution and spiritual. Lets say a person has fair skin and doe not have that internal joy and bliss, the beauty does not show up. Mnay times when we are saying a person is beautiful, it is the inner joy, beauty and happiness showing up together with the Nature given fair color or good features.

I take my own example. I am considered pretty handsome guy :-)

But I myself do not like myself sometimes when I am sad, when I am frustrated, when I not connecting with my inner self. But there are days when I cannot stop falling in love with myself. I myself wonder how come God created me so handsome:-) Those are the days when I am in spiritual connection with my inner self, contended, happy within and living moment to moment, not disturbed by the past or the future. Just that moment I am oure conscious. In that state my skin color glows, the face takes a nice Oval shape and my eyes are sparkling, my lips Red, wy walk and gait on par with an Emperor.

I have noticed that with my ex wife and girl friends too. I used to say why don't you girls just relax and be cool, and all the beauty will show up. Infact that is when the beauty of inner and outer come together.

So anytime you are attracted to a person and falling in love, it is not just the outer skin color that u are attracted to, it is apackage of positive energy that comes from within that glorifies the outer.

Infact if you are falling in love with many people, it means that you are able to meet that positive and divine bliss in every person who is in the state of bliss. But unfortunately once u r married, the woman next to you very rarely allow you to appreciate the beauty in other women, again that jealousy is part of nature too. Not balming woman here, it is natural. But the best way to appreciate every beauty in this nature is to remain as "The Most Eligible Bachelor" and enjoy every moment and everything that moment.

with best wishes,

At October 27, 2005 5:19 AM, Blogger krishna said...

Dear aatma

--"why are we born with all these different kind of senses?--"

I think,

I guess ONLY the creator of life can answer this question satisfactorily. Lot many people may say different things acc to what they think as correct acc to their mind condition. If your mind has similar kind of thougts , u would most likely accept his views else you would simply ignore them . But later it might turn out to be like both u and he have actually misundersood things.

Take this for analogy. your friend tells you that his friend has done something like this or that and if you ask him why he has done that? he would obviously ask you to ask his friend directly. He might perhaps guess , but you wont be perfectly content no matter what his guess is.Similarly, U might ask one thousand men , seek satsangh with great people, read a great lot to clarify your doubts, but still the doubts will remain.

Since those question will always remain, it is futile to run in search for the answers. Have the hope that the answer will come someday. Till that day, it's always better to pray and surrender at his lotus feet to keep you in his/her association.

There is a popular saying in tamil that goes like "nadhi moolam ,rishi moolam ketkakoodadhu" there is and should be a reason behind this.

friend, To be in association of the great paramaathma , you don't have to think twice. If you simply want that , every other issue will become trivial.You would start viewing the HE in everything.

hope if i was clear enough in answering your question. If not, it is simply because the my lack of understanding and expresiveness. Kindly bear with that

janaki kaanthapadha samarpanam

At October 27, 2005 5:32 AM, Blogger Sumonk said...

I have something to say about your comments.
If everyone goes into Vairagya, there is no evolution Sir. If Amoeba decide to be in Viragya and Gorrillas decided to be in Vairagya, then we all would not have been here.

At the same time, I feel that there is a Universal Energy controlling certain things in this universe, for a person living in India the universal energy is Narayana/Shiv/Brahma, for a person sitting in middle east it is Allah, for a person sitting in north american continent God is Jesus. These are only names we have given to the Mysitcal energy that operates us. None of these Gods have asked us to take Vairagya. None of them said ignore material pleasure including woman.

Infact our Sri Krishna bhagawan said, do whatever , do it ith detachment. It is the attachment that is the cause of Kama, krodha, lobha, moha , madha , maathsaryas.

We cannot blam the materials outisde the world, that they all perish and why love something that perishes. My apparoach would be Love all, but be detached. Flow with the moment, The problem is with human brain, it wants to live 99.99995 in past or future. The moment u r in past of future, you are attached to something.

Any religion, God teaches only one thing, Love all, but do not get attached, beacuse attachment causes kama, krodha, lobha, moha, madha, maaschryas.

Unconditional detached Love is the way to go. This can be experienced only when we fal in love and lose the love. It is like when u tell a kid not to touch something that is Hot. How would a Kid ever know what is Hot. So let him touch, feel it , experience it and learn from it. Simple.
Infact Our Krishna Bhagawan had himself said, Unless u get dirty, how can u know u r clean. The only ctach is when u r getting dirty, understand that u r getting dirty, live in the moment of dirt and slowly clear the dirt and the bliss in the cleanliness after is what I call DIWINE:-)

That is the problem with any relationship in this world, not just women. mother father brother, friend, sister, wife, children, emoloyer...We do not understand what is detached unconditional love. That is where all the pain of the world is.

The essense of life is we are all imperfect humans. We are all born with one of those shadgunas, but as we progress how we master those is the essence of life. Gold is not available as a pure metal in the earth, only when the dirt it accumulated is cleaned and put through the hot furnaces, you end up seeing Gold. Some reach the bliss soon, some take more time. None of us are perfect.

At October 27, 2005 5:32 AM, Blogger Parvati said...

@arjuna: I haven't seen such honesty in my whole life! It is amazing and beautiful.

Having said that isn't all this fantasizing, putting your heart and soul into being a Beauty-Worshipper extremely tiring? Maybe not; maybe it is an inseparable part of your nature and you do it as easily as breathing.

In the two years before you get married, chalk out a foolproof method whereby you walk the tight rope of not offending the wife with constant aaraadhana/praise of other women's beauty, but still enjoying all types of beauty as you do.

That is basic practicality, methinks. I am of course certain that with your unimaginable capacity to love the whole world, your wife would be so special to you that you would never humiliate or insult her person or position as your wife or her self-respect, by putting into actual practice this worshipping of beauty; I mean that I am assuming that you, being your own self and also your exceptional mother's son are going to confine all this obsessing about beauty to the mental and emotional realm and not allow it to trickle down to the physical level too!

That would open up a pandora's box as messy as the Iraq situation, and would devastate the poor woman, your wife, and also destroy her, make your family miserable and disappoint your friends.

If your wife is a good sport, she will also become a worshipper of beauty everywhere and both of you will make a good team - though it will be more than what your friends could possibly handle! - one Arjuna himself is a handful,two of his kind would be uncontrollable surely!!

@Krishna, Aatma: The answers to the question 'why' will take us nowhere. Why is there at the outset pain, suffering? Why didnt God use His omnipotence, omniscience and omnipresence to make right the wrong in this world, let alone have it nipped in the bud milleniums ago?

These questions are worrisome and their answers, whether philosophical or religious or scientific help noone in any way, except placate their curiosity in an inefficient way - "It is God's will", "It is Sri Krishna's Lila", "It is the evolution of life as described by Charles Darwin" - these answers howsoever plausible, appealing, and acceptable to different types of people DO NOT CHANGE THE GROUND REALITY that there IS a mess of unimaginable proportions in this world.

So what do we do? Our senses are there, in some they might as well not be there, for all the effect the surrounding environment has on their nature, in others every aspect of life is observed absorbed enjoyed and rejoiced over. Not just that. These are people who go to extremes of reaction - they not only gather the maximum honey from life and the earth, but they are very open to all the poison and misery and sorrow and pain too. They feel more, more deeply and more intensely every emotion possible. I think Arjuna is such a person. They will enjoy more, hurt more and live more. Even one second of such a person's life has a content and value that a whole life time in another person might not.

There is of course the yogi, who sees the value of his different faculties, knows the joy that they can give, knows the transience of the joy or pleasure, knows its position in the grand scheme of things. He might not shun anything with distaste or displeasure, but has a calm, wise and compassionate and understanding eye over it.

Since pleasure, joy, happiness from beauty is the innate concern of this blog, the yogi initially has, as a belief, a faith only, that the Divine is his everything, and even seen from a self centered outlook, as to what he will get from the Divine, he is convinced that the BLiss, the Ananda, the Knowledge, the Truth that he will get by pursuing only God and God only will be unparallelled from anything big or small he gets from the things of the world.

And accordingly he does only that. He doesnt have to put in excess of self control, it is not a tedious or a difficult thing for him to turn a calm and benevolent eye on all that meets his senses. He doesnt demean them, accepts them for the Divinity in them, but his intent and concentration is on Sri Krishna per se, free of His trappings of His Leela of the world.

There are two, among a million others, methods of approaching the union with the Divine, that would be in context -

1. I say 'neti neti' ('not this, not this' - this is not the Brahman that I am seeking) to everything of the world, in the world, of my small self, adn finally I end up with the pure Brahman.

What Krishna (the human one!) speaks about is this way I think.

2. The other is one of 'This too is the Brahman', the body too, the senses too, the mind too. ALL IS BRAHMAN.

People with temperament and personal nature like Arjuna have the capacity to embrace everything of life from the word go and this will enable them to infuse whatever truth of sadhana they realise into the small and trivial aspects of life.

I personally think that even when you reach the Divine with a negative renunciation approach, once you realise Him, the backward journey of getting the hang of the meaning of all this existence , requires an active adoption of the second approach. I know the Brahman per se (whatever that means!), and now I will know the Brahman everywhere - "thoonilum iruppaan thurumbilum irupaan".

I could conclude again that provided we retain a balanced head on our shoulders where our outermost life is concerned

(after all it only has two components - our home and our career; it should be simple enough not to mess these two things big time, surely! All of us are so bloody intelligent that, common sense and a sense of proportion will see us through the worst situations I am sure..),

the temperament of Arjuna or that of what Krishna advocates, both are tried out and valid methods to reach God, live God.

If God is the goal then everything makes sense, has a meaning, hidden or obvious. Otherwise the merits of the life of a bhogi or an ascetic life of renunciation each has its merits and demerits and can be discussed till the cows come home.

Make God the bottomline and everything falls into place.

At October 27, 2005 6:17 AM, Blogger Sumonk said...

Parvati, This is one is Good:

"If God is the goal then everything makes sense, has a meaning, hidden or obvious..."

God is silence, God is Love, God is Beauty, God is Bliss, God is impeccable Nature, God is Sun, Moon, STars, God is the Moment, That Moment of bliss is yours and your God.

with best wishes

At October 27, 2005 6:44 AM, Blogger Ram.C said...

honest self review.... that's the human tendency to adore beauty. so, nothing wrong about it.. until it crosses the 'so-called' limit..

At October 27, 2005 7:04 AM, Blogger Arjuna_Speaks said...

TJ - ponga sir! Vekama iruku :)) - Yow neenga suma "jolly-a" US-la unga "friends" pakathula irunthutu enna verupethringala :))

At October 27, 2005 7:23 AM, Blogger Arjuna_Speaks said...

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At October 27, 2005 7:39 AM, Blogger Arjuna_Speaks said...

Dear Sumon - thanks a lot for ur inspirational words :)

"I feel very romantic, and my body, mind and soul goes into a blissful state. Infact I enjoy the divine bliss in the hills and at the same time I want to be with a beautiful woman next to me enjoying the same divine bliss. I feel complete with a woman."

This clearly tells me how similar ur to me :) - Wow - those words so poetic and romantic!

"I myself wonder how come God created me so handsome:-)..In that state my skin color glows, the face takes a nice Oval shape and my eyes are sparkling, my lips Red, wy walk and gait on par with an Emperor.

Sumon - that was awesome :)) - too good :)

From ur words - I can see the passion in u for women and their beauty - and as u said it just reflects my personality too :) - Great to meet u Sumon :)

"But the best way to appreciate every beauty in this nature is to remain as "The Most Eligible Bachelor" and enjoy every moment and everything that moment."

This is a tricky one - Lets ask Aatma's views on it :)

At October 27, 2005 7:42 AM, Blogger Arjuna_Speaks said...

Ram - thanks boss :)

At October 27, 2005 8:19 AM, Blogger Parvati said...

@arjuna: What can I say? You should first of all be very clear as to what you want. And thereafter find the ways to live it, reach it.

Obviously there are millions of things that act as severe, seemingly insuperable obstacles on your path.

Your Guru will be a great help in assisting you with your problems.

Try and be rational about sex; you cannot allow your past difficult experiences affect you to borders of insanity throughout your life.
That's idiotic.

You are not a teenager. Dont wait for age to cure you as age has slightly lessened your tendency towards anger.


You should do some enabling Sadhana to handle every issue of your personality.

Keep still and quiet, when you are possessed of all these lustful feelings.

Bring to the forefront all that you have realised in your spiritual life till date, and allow all that to penetrate this lower personality of yours.


When you do that sincerely, Arjuna, you will be able to get a grip over the most tenacious problems.

I am sorry that you are suffering so much because of two contradictory aspects of your personality.


HE will look after everything in you. Till it is done just keep your balance. HE IS CARRYING YOU IN HIS ARMS. Believe this, and more importantly LIVE your faith.

At October 27, 2005 8:33 AM, Blogger Arjuna_Speaks said...

Parvati - thanks a lot for ur kind and inspirational words :)..My only aim in this life is not to be born again! There is nothing else! The only problem I am facing is my lack of Vairagya! My lack of mind control! But I am quite sure - I wuld attain my goal in this birth! Because as u said I have my Great Guru by my side! I am quite sure when the time comes - He will come and save me as He did for St Arunagirinathar! He is there for me and He would do it for me and He must do it for me :)..

At October 27, 2005 8:35 AM, Blogger Sumonk said...

Nature of mind is, anything u try to control, it will fight, that is the fundamental nature of human brain.
The solUtion is :
There are 2 solutions:

For spiritually aware:
"Be Aware" of it. Like the quote on ur front page says, "watch and observe." slow down, It is very hard, It will take all ur energy and It is a very difficult process. But awarenss is the key.

For spiritually not aware:
Another thing way is "Go do it". Finish it off and your curiousity is over. The mind knows what is what, Like when parents say a kid, don't touch the hot cup of tea, kid still wants to try it., Same behaviour here. Our minds wants to try the unknown, Natural Law, infact basis for all our scientific discoveries, without that curiousity to test the waters, we would not have been where we are in the world of science and tech.

Curiosity is the nature, some have more curiosity and some less., SOme have more curiousity towards certain things, and for some some thing else, for some Money, for some, Moham, for some kaamam, Like I said we are all born with some element of these Gunas and we are oriinally slaves to those gunas, they are part of our genetic system, they are embedded in DNA, but as human and spiritual species, we need to mutate from the original slave to the Master. That is what I call Cosmic Purification. These gunas cane be from parents, forefathers our own previous births (if u believe in rebirth)... and so on..

Accept your Lust. Infact the moment u accept, you will start smiling at urself. It is a state of bliss what I call, It is s state of complete awareness. Awareness is Bliss.

Who does not have Lust, who does not have Lobha, moha, madha...
Turmoil is for people who do not accept. Because in that moment ur fighting thinking that it is wrong.
Education is what is essential for all these. Unfortunately we are not given that aspect of education.

No Fight Paartha :-) Observe. Greatest discoveries in the mankind are from the people who are keen observers, spiritually and scientifically.

We are all slaves to these gunas. But slowly with age and time we master them., That is where a spiritual being arises. Instead of they controlling u, you start controlling them, You will have Sex when u need to and want to under all possible better conditions,

Awareness buddy, that is the key. Take time, nothing is gonna get fixed over night,

Our Life is like a training program, we keep getting trained, sometimes by bad instructors and some times good, we slowly shed what we do not like.

Hope I did not blabber too much :-)

with best wishes

At October 27, 2005 10:51 AM, Blogger Sriram C S said...

ஆதி சக்தி தனையுடம்பில் அரனும் கோத்தான்;
அயன்வாணி தனைநாவில் அமர்த்திக் கொண்டான்;
சோதிமணி முகத்தினளைச் செல்வ மெல்லாம்
சுரந்தருளும் விழியாளைத் திருவை மார்பில்
மாதவனும் ஏந்தினான்;வானோர்க் கேனும்
மாதரின்பம் போற்பிறிதோர் இன்பம் உண்டோ?
காதல்செயும் மனைவியே சக்தி கண்டீர்
கடவுள்நிலை அவளாலே எய்த வேண்டும். - ¸¡¾Ä¢ý Ò¸ú, À¡Ã¾¢-«ÚÀò¾¡Ú.
This is what helps me out when I go through what you speak here. Especially காதல்செயும் மனைவியே சக்தி கண்டீர்
கடவுள்நிலை அவளாலே எய்த வேண்டும்
. :)

At October 27, 2005 11:02 AM, Blogger Nanyaar? said...

Was Suprised to notice another Nanyaar?

nice blog you got here..


At October 27, 2005 2:28 PM, Blogger Arjuna_Speaks said...

Sumon - that was a great comment from u :)..Yes the only happy thing is I am observing my negative qualities - I am aware of it - I know it when I do something wrong..and as u said - it takes time to get rid of all these things - and I am hopefully waiting :) - thanks once again for ur wonderful comments..

At October 27, 2005 2:29 PM, Blogger Arjuna_Speaks said...

Sriram - beautiful lyrics - is it urs?

At October 27, 2005 2:29 PM, Blogger Arjuna_Speaks said...

Nanyaar - thanks dude :) - I know there is someone with this name :)

At October 27, 2005 3:29 PM, Blogger Sriram C S said...

@Arjuna - Sheesh mine? Scarilege man...those are the Mahakavi's. It appears in his Barathi arupaththi ARu work. I had mentioned it in the comment, but somehow that has warbled into junk...

At October 27, 2005 5:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

we are not supposed to shut our eyes and not enjoy the beauty. We will not need sense organs if we are supposed to control them all the time..There is more to it.

Again there is a beauty while enjoying an artwork too..

for example : We perceive the beauty of things in different ways..depending on what kind of person we are..

A picture can be seen as a poem without words..
A photo is a silent poem.
You can feel the fresh breeze touching you actually..
Like that if you train your mind ..and if you really really artistic..real beautiful woman would touch your heart and should
you peace not get you high..

So ideally we should train our mind to move towards pure love
and not fake attraction..Enjoy aishwarya watching her on screen knowing well that beauty is skin deep..! It is only about training our mind how to enjoy nature...without getting obsessed with it..

At October 27, 2005 8:51 PM, Blogger Arjuna_Speaks said...

sriram - ok :)

Anon - "A picture can be seen as a poem without words..
A photo is a silent poem.
You can feel the fresh breeze touching you actually..
Like that if you train your mind ..and if you really really artistic..real beautiful woman would touch your heart and should
you peace not get you high.."

Beautiful words :) - thanks a lot :)

At October 28, 2005 8:19 AM, Blogger mysorean said...

Too much Arjuna! :) Too much! :)

Culprit is not your jathakam or planet arrangement! Culprit is somewhere closer! ;) Think about it!

At October 30, 2005 10:29 PM, Blogger Arjuna_Speaks said...

Adi - :)) - who is the culprit then :P


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