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திருக்கோத்தும்பி - சிவனோடு ஐக்கியம்
(தில்லையில் அருளியது- நாலடித் தரவு கொச்சகக் கலிப்பா)

I am providing the english translation from the book "Tiruvacagam or Sacred Utterances of the Tamil Poet, Saint and Sage Manikka-vacagar by Rev.G.U.Pope, Oxford, Clarendon Press, 1900" to my favourite song in Ilayaraja's Tiruvasagam. You can order your CD from:

பூவேறு கோனும் புரந்தரனும் பொற்பமைந்த
நாவேறு செல்வியும் நாரணணும் நான் மறையும்
மாவேறு சோதியும் வானவருந் தாமறியாச்
சேவேறு சேவடிக்கே சென்றுதாய் கோத்தும்பீ. 215

"The King that crowns the flower; Purandaran;
the Lady blest, in beauty clothed,
That sits on learned tongues; and Naranan;
the fourfold mystic Vedic Scroll,
The Splendours, Riders in majesty; - with all
the heavenly ones too, know Him not -
Go to His roseate foot who mounts the Bull;

நானார் என் உள்ளமார் ஞானங்க ளார் என்னை யாரறிவார்
வானோர் பிரானென்னை ஆண்டிலனேல் மதிமயங்கி
ஊனா ருடைதலையில் உண்பலிதேர் அம்பலவன்
தேனார் கமலமே சென்றூதாய் கோத்தும்பீ. 216

"Who am I? - Wisdom's lessons what are they
that fill my mind? - and me who'd know
Had not the Lord of heaven made me His own?
He of the temple court, Who erst
A mendicant with mind distraught asked food,
in broken skull with flesh impure !
Haste to Him lotus-foot, as honey sweet;

தினைத்தனை உள்ளதோர் பூவினில் தேன்உண்ணாதே
நினைத்தொறும் காண்தொறும் பேசுந்தொறும் எப்போதும்
அனைத்தெலும் புள்நெக ஆனந்தத் தேன் சொரியும்
குனிப்புடையானுக்கே சென்றூதாய் கோத்தும்பீ. 217

"Honey from any flower sip not, though small
as tiniest grain of millest seed !
Whenever we think of Him, whenever we see,
whenever of Him our lips converse,
Then sweetest rapture's honey ever flows,
till all our frame in bliss dissolves !
To Him alone, the mystic Dancer, go;

கண்ணப்பன் ஒப்பதோர் அன்பின்மை கண்டபின்
என்னப்பன் என்னொப்பில் என்னையும் ஆட்கொண்டருளி
வண்ணப் பணித்தென்னை வாவென்ற வான் கருணைச்
கண்ணப்பென் நீற்றற்கே சென்றூதாய் கோத்தும்பீ. 218

"There was no love in me like Kannappan's;
when He, my Sire, saw this, me poor
Beyond compare, in grace He made His own;
He spake, and made me come to Him.
With heavenly grace adorned He shines, and wears
white ashes, and the golden dust !
To Him, - of mercy infinite, - go thou,

வைத்த நிதிபெண்டிர் மக்கள்குலங் கல்வியென்னும்
பித்த உலகிற் பிறப்போ டிறப்பென்னுஞ்
சித்த விகாரக் கலக்கம் தெளிவித்த
வித்தகத் தேவற்கே சென்றூதாய் கோத்தும்பீ. 220

"In this mad world, amid stress and strife confused,
from birth and death, that ceaseless spring, -
Where hoarded treasure, women, offspring, tribe,
and learning's store, men prize and seek; -
He calms the storm of mental changing states,
and clears from error's mists the soul.
To mystic wisdom's mighty God go thou,

நாயேனைத் தன்னடிகள் பாடுவித்த நாயகனைப்
பேயேன துள்ளப் பிழைபொறுக்கும் பெருமையனைச்
சீயேதும் இல்லாதென் செய்பணிகள் கொண்டருளந்
தாயான ஈசற்கே சென்றூதாய் கோத்தும்பீ. 226

"The loving Lord, Who taught, wretch as I am,
my lip to sing. His jewelled Feet;
The Teacher great, Who pardoned all the faults
of me, a very fiend in sooth;
He still in grace accepts my services,
nor spurns my worthlessness !
To I can go, as tender mother known,

நானும்என் சிந்தையும் நாயகனுக் கெவ்விடத்தோம்
தானுந்தன் தையலுந் தாழ்சடையோன் ஆண்டிலனேல்
வானுந் திசைகளும் மாகடலும் ஆயபிரான்
தேனுந்து சேவடிக்கே சென்றூதாய் கோத்தும்பீ. 229

"How far away had I and all my thought
from Him the loving Lord remained,
Had not the Wearer of the flowing lock,-
He with the Lady - made me His !
The Lord, Who is the heaven, Who is each realm
of earth and of the mighty sea !
Go to the roseate Feet that sweets distil

உள்ளப் படாத திருஉருவை உள்ளுதலும்
கள்ளப் படாத களிவந்த வான்கருணை
வெள்ளப் பிரான்என் பிரான்என்னை வேறேஆட்
கொள்ளப் பிரானுக்கே சென்றூதாய் கோத்தும்பீ. 230

"Soon as I thought upon His sacred form
which every thought of man transcends,
The Lord of mercy's flood of purest joys,
that never delude, swept over my soul.
My Lord revealed Himself that He might make
me ever fully His alone.
To Him, the Lord of Lords Supreme, go thou,



At August 01, 2005 11:57 PM, Anonymous Sankarkumar said...

It is so very nice! can you also compile a similar set of tamil, English transliteraration, and translation for all the 6 songs so that we can compile A SONG BOOK FOR THE NEXT EDITION. THANKS. iF YOU CAN ALSO PUT A BANNER FOR OUR TIS-USA.COM WEBSITE , THAT WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED. tHANKS FOR YOUR HELP! yia!!

At August 02, 2005 1:37 AM, Blogger Venky Krishnamoorthy said...

Arjuna, Great post. Chandroo (www.selectiveamnesia.org) was in Chidambaram last week and I left a comment on his post. I first visited "THILLAI" in 1989 and I cannot describe in words the joy and bliss I derived when I was in the temple.

Great post again

At August 02, 2005 5:35 AM, Blogger Suresh Kumar said...


Thanx a lot for posting this here. Even this morning i cherished listening to this song and all other songs in Thiruvasakam. It is a music beyond compare. Do read my views on this album in my blog and hey thanx for blog-rolling me. I too have blog-rolled you not just becoz you did it but because we share some common opinions (see my comment on Shreya Ghosal Post).

At August 02, 2005 6:37 AM, Blogger Arjuna_Speaks said...

Hi Shankar,
Thanks for leaving your comments :) Sure - what I would do is - I shall post a series of threads with the translations - and then summarising it properly - since the translations are word to word by the Rev. Pope.

Hi Venky,
Sure - I shall visit the blog and shall mail my comments too. Thanks for leaving your comments :) - I shall mail you..

Hi Suresh,
Thanks for blogging me :) - Which year did you complete your degree?

At August 03, 2005 5:48 AM, Blogger Suresh Kumar said...


2004 passed out

At August 03, 2005 6:19 AM, Blogger Arjuna_Speaks said...

Ok, me - 2000 passed out :) - Which hostel in your final year?

At August 04, 2005 11:45 AM, Blogger X-Phile said...

Namasivaya!!! it was a gr8 blog...

U have realy enjoyed the core of thiruvasakam.

Paandia naatily padiya paadal ithu...

U should'nt Missout Thiruvasakam oratorio by Illayaraja...

This particular song is been sung by Bavathrini... Pls do listen to it.


At August 04, 2005 1:59 PM, Blogger Arjuna_Speaks said...

xphile - thanks for leaving your comments :) - do u know something ;) - Mata Amritanadamayi comes and stays in my Chitthi's house in London and my chitthapa is the President of the UK Friends of Amma association :) - I have even spoken to ammachi many times - saying I dont want to be born again :) - and she started asking why do I dont want to be reborn again :) - She is definitely a Self realized soul!

At August 04, 2005 2:00 PM, Blogger Arjuna_Speaks said...

xphile - and yes I have listened to the Tiruvasagam oratario by IR as well :)


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