Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Subway - Eat Fresh!

I have become a regular at the Aldwych Subway branch which is opposite to the Indian High Commission which again is opposite to my university. I usually have a 6 inch veggie patty or sweet onion chicken teriyaki. I always preferred the Italian Cheese and Herbs bread. It has a great taste. The best sauces according to me are: sweet onion, chilly and mustard. I usually go for all the salads except cucumber, olives and jalapenos. I am a sweet corn fan and always make sure that I get loads of it. Since I am a student, I get 10% discount, that means my sandwich is priced at £2.70, which is quite good.

I read from Chinmayi's choice at www.chennaionline.com that Subway has opened up in Spencers in Chennai. I would prefer to go to Vasantha Bhavan and get my hands on Tandoori food rather than eating these sandwiches :) - VB rocks!


At July 29, 2005 5:03 PM, Anonymous Selva said...

You are missing the best part of the subways..
Let me spice your subway up...

1)Foot long Wheat Bread
2)Oven Toast it
3)Pepper Jack Cheese
4)Including all your salad choices, an important one you are missing is - JALAPENOS. It rocks man. You should take more of it.
5)then add little bit of mayonese
6)then add more of south-western US sauce, which is nothing but a spicy sauce in US. Not sure you get in UK.
7)Then you end up with a great sub mannnnnnnnn...

try this and let me know... it suits me!!!:-))


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