Saturday, July 23, 2005

Hello World!

Ho, I have been smitten by the blogging bug too!! I have been a vivid reader of the different blogs in the Internet and wondered why not try my hand in this too!! I am going to just write my mind out and sorry if I am going to be blunt with my comments!! I wanted to start my blogging by writing on my Great ARR - the greatest musician ever to live on this earth - but just thought why not taste the superb dessert after a horrid meal!! Then only we will know the value of the nice dessert..So after a hard head breaking search, I came with the following:

I am currently listening to Thotti Jaya by Harris Jeyaraj aka Wholesale Xerox Machine ;).. The album clearly shows he has done justice to his prestigious hard earned title :))...

The first song Achuvellam is an amalgamation of Ichutha from Run by Vidyasagar and the punjabi beats remind me of the one song in Karna!!

The second song Uyire en Uyire sounds good to me. A great melody worth repeat listenings..The male singer is Karthik. Gosh, he has such a manly voice that vibrates!!

The third one is a pakka masala intro song I guess..A rehash of his own Arul song (tirunelveli halwada)!! A definite skip over!

The fourth song is Yaaridamum is the rehash of Ye Chilipi from Gharshana..Ye Chilipi is one of my all time favourite song!! What an amazing tune..Srinivas's voice was just an out of the world experience!! It was a catalyst for my love towards Asin, sung mellifluously by Srinivas. Ramesh Vinayagam's voice does not do any justice to the beautiful tune!! A definite wrong choice of singer..HJ shuld have stuck with the great Srinivas or may be try SPB or even Karthik!!

The fifth song clearly shows why HJ is called the modern era copy cat of TFM!! Jaari singari is nothing but a mixture of 2 tablespoons of Umma Umma from Adithadi by Deva, 2 tablespoons of Ethuku pondatti from Kilaku Cheemayilai by the GREAT ARR and 2 tablespoons of Poda Poda Punaku from Rasavin Manasilae by IR!! HJ you should get the PhD title for finding out new methods of copying mate! Keep up the good work ;)

The last one is the theme music must be definitely from some English film!! Can someone findout and tell me :))..

Except for the Uyire song and the rehash version of Ye Chilipi - this album is one that would satisfy the hunger of your dustbin! Man I want my dessert immediately!!


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