Monday, July 25, 2005

Abdul Kalam's Ideal Citizen!

Anniyan can you hear me? Looks like someone is waiting for you!!

An ardent fan of Tamil film hero Rajnikanth has viewed his idol's movie 'Chandramukhi' daily once for the last 100 days, believed to be a record by the film industry in Tamil Nadu.
The 22 year old vegetable vendor, Muthu, had viewed the film on the first day of its release and completed 100 days of viewing on Friday last, as the film also celebrated 100 days of screening in a city theatre here.

According to sources in the Kumaran theatre here, where the film is being screened, Muthu was viewing 'Chandramukhi' since its release for the first 50 days spending money from his pocket.
But when the theatre management came to know about this, they allowed Muthu to watch the movie free of cost to set a record, they said.

Muthu, who was upset over the failure of Rajnikanth's earlier movie 'Baba,' had vowed for the success of this film, they said.

Muthu, who has the satisfaction in achieving this record and success of the film, was given a memento by the theatre management as a token of appreciation for viewing the film continuously for 100 days.


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